The goal was to craft an email that could be sent out to new subscribers to the Sage & Ember email list, expressing gratitude and giving them a sneak peak into what's in store. Indoctrination emails are a critical aspect of the sales funnel, so it was important that we nailed this one to ensure that it got the attention of these potential customers.

Hey _____,
You just made a decision that your future cookout guests will thank you for. We’re thrilled to have you on board! 
Welcome to Sage & Ember, where the art of mouthwatering dishes meets creating them on your own. Experienced grill master or curious foodie, you can count on being inspired and empowered to elevate your cooking skills and make your neighbors jealous.
As the newest member of our family, here’s some of what you can expect:
Inspiring Content: Fire up your grill and your creativity with our YouTube content and blog posts. We’ll take you with us on our adventures, sharing recipes, expert tips, and captivating stories that you won’t find anywhere else.
Quality Kitchen Cutlery: As a connoisseur of outdoor cooking, you deserve only the finest tools of the trade. Explore our carefully curated collection of premium knives and kitchen equipment available on our site. Each product is handpicked to enhance your culinary prowess and ensure exceptional results every time you step onto the patio.
Community Connection: Join a vibrant community of outdoor cooking enthusiasts who share your passion. Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and learn from one another as you go.
Anyway, we’re glad you’re here. As a quick thank you, we’ve got a 10% discount on your first purchase from our website with your name on it! Just use the code “EMBER10” at checkout to take advantage of this exclusive offer.
To make sure you don’t miss out on more sizzling content and updates, follow us on Instagram and YouTube and keep your eyes peeled for our weekly content. We’ll see you soon!

To the backyard and beyond,
The Sage & Ember Team

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